Hey!  Turn that thing off!!!!

I'm a junkie. I admit it. I'm addicted to my cell phone. I'm not even typing this on a computer-I'm on my phone with my thumbs making typos because my fingers are fatter than the little buttons on the screen allow. 

I wasn't always this way. I had a great ability to listen to symphonies, watch TV, read books, have conversations, and walk the dog. 

The iPhone has taken over my life. But I still put it away when I practice. Life has a way of finding practice time tough, so when I get those moments, the phone goes away. 

I think it's time to use our phones more sparingly. Let's start with something simple: When you listen to music, no phone. On the couch watching TV, turn the screen away and concentrate. 

Practice time?  Get a physical tuner and metronome that doesn't push you email, IMs, texts, and news updates. 

My addiction is robbing me of the subtle details in life. I'm taking my life back. 

Time to practice, time to power down. 

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