Make someone's day

They say never to meet your heroes. I've been told the disappointment of meeting your hero can tarnish your love of that person's art.

Last week a dream of mine came true and I got to meet Brian May, the famous guitarist from Queen. His stunning guitar playing sings with a singular voice that could only be his. He has written songs that have changed the world, but more to point, saved my soul. His music inspires me and I can think of many moments where I sat alone in a room obsessing over every detail of every sonic gem. 

At the book signing, he made a point to let everybody have their moment with him and I have to say it was a special moment for me. He may never know what he means to me, but I'm so grateful for the opportunity to express my gratitude to him and for his life's work. What a wonderful experience!

I figure if a superstar like Brian May can take a couple of minutes for each of the hundreds of people who came to see him that night, and make them each feel special, we can all do that for those people by whom we are surrounded. There aren't any small moments, you don't know when you might change somebody's life even in the smallest, most seemingly random, encounters. Go ahead, make their day. 

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