Remembering Voisin

I had great teachers-FANTASTICALLY AMAZING teachers! Amongst them is the immortal Roger Voisin. I learned so much from him-I don’t even wish to try and list them all-but as interested as he was in shaping me as a musician, he seemed equally interested in my progress as a person too. To say I loved Mr. Voisin is an understatement. He had a passion for life, a deep knowledge of all things music, and a love for all things he took on. The mold was broken with Mr. Voisin, I think of him everyday, and what I wouldn’t give to hear even one more story. February 14th ceased to be Valentine’s Day 10 years ago when he checked out of this planet, but believe me, he still lives in the souls of all of us who got to know him. 

Listen to Mr. Voisin play Brandenburg II

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