Early Is On Time!

Early is on time, On time is late, and Late is fired.  I know you’ve all heard this line before and I can feel your collective eyes rolling to the back of your heads, but why is this important to consider? 

It’s very simple: If you are hired to perform in something and it starts at 7, that means that the performance or rehearsal starts at 7. If you are walking in the door-or worse yet, rolling into the parking lot- at that time you’re simply not on time. At that moment you are late, and if you walk into that service at that moment or later you are disrupting the event. This goes for concerts, rehearsals, lessons, auditions, meetings, or anything important. So if you are serious about what your career, be early! Sometimes life gets out of hand and the freeway has shut down, you catch a flat tire, or some other apocalyptic event occurs. Life happens, and if you are known for being dependable those freak moments get overlooked. But they do add up and when they do, you are not dependable-you become known as a flake which is best defined as an undesirable hire. I know-it sounds harsh! But it’s true. Living in a big city, traffic is a major issue. Over prepare. Plan on being at least an hour early. Often you won’t be that early, but if you are, you have a lot of options:


Have a meal


Catch up on email


And I’m sure there are other things you enjoy that I can’t fathom. 

You will feel less stressed because you’ll be ready to play, both physically and emotionally, and you will be known as somebody who takes the work seriously who is always dependable. I can’t think of any setbacks.

Early is on time, On time is late, and late is fired.

That’s it! It’s simple. Be early, be prepared, and be dependable. 

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